The Adult Collection

A mature and chic rendition of Skoki's original balaclava. Knit with luxurious 100% merino wool and crafted for comfort and warmth, so adults can also join the fun. The adult balaclava can be pulled up to cover the face or pulled back for a snood style elegance.

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NEW! Baby Knit Collection (3-12 months)

The Skoki balaclava is a timeless hat that belongs in every child's winter wardrobe. Designed with dual layer construction using 100% soft Merino wool and 100% cotton lining, Skoki offers superior warmth and style. The Baby Knit Collection is adorned with a soft, 100% merino wool mini pompom. 

The Baby Knit Collection is designed for infants ages 3-12 months. These balaclavas are adorned with a soft, 100% merino wool mini pompom, for added cuteness.

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